e85I recently bought a 2010 Nissan Titan. Needless to say my gas cost (not including the recent price hike) went up due to the larger gas tank and worse fuel economy compared to the Toyota Tacoma that I was driving.

I discovered a couple of days after the purchase that it is actually a FlexFuel vehicle, meaning it can run straight E85 Ethanol or straight Unleaded Gasoline, or any amount of the two mixed together. So I checked in the owners manual and found that Nissan clearly states that when running E85, you will see a 30% increase in gas consumption because E85 has less “energy per gallon” than regular gasoline.

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I found an interesting plugin called CommentLuv tonight. It was linked by Ana over at Traffic Generation Cafe, although I don’t think she was making a recommendation for running it on your own blog now that I’ve looked further into it.

What I found from my reading (googling) was 3 Reasons Why I Stopped Using CommentLuv. Basically, the gist of that article is that it will mostly encourage people to post a comment just so that they have a link from your site to their most recent post (at the time they write that comment), and that it won’t do anything to increase traffic for your blog.

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When I started this site, I absolutely, hands down, knew I wanted Disqus to handle comments. Unfortunately, that prevents pingbacks (and trackbacks) from appearing. I set out to find a solution, and http://theitbros.com had the answer. Thanks guys!

Compuserve for DOS


The internet is constantly changing. According to Cisco, by itself, North America will produce over 1.1ZB (!!!!) of information per year by 2016.

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I’ve been in the hosting industry for a while now and I always see people with blogs with hundreds of thousands of hits. Most of them have ads on their blogs, so I figure that is how they are making money. Since I have no traffic as of right now, this blog isn’t really costing me anything. Facebook got their start with Zuckerberg borrowing money from his rich friend, and making the site ad-free. In the long run, I think that paid off, however he did eventually start putting ads on the site. They aren’t what I would define as intrusive, however they are still there. Heck, a friend of mine even bought one to try to get a date. See here.┬áThe point of this post is below.

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