November 2013

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As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve been working on an LDAP SSL configuration for our Netapp filers at work. Most of the work was already done and I had to coordinate with our storage team to test the changes. Unfortunately, while most of the work was already done, when we would enable SSL, LDAP lookups would just fail for seemingly no reason. It worked fine when SSL was disabled, albeit unencrypted. Running ldapsearch also worked (after tweaking of OpenLDAP’s client configuration) over SSL and unencrypted. So, it seems, the problem was with the filer.

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At work today, I was working on a project to enable SSL encryption for our Netapp filer heads. That project is still ongoing as of this writing, but I made some changes to the admin-server portion of RedHat Directory Server over the last couple of days, and at some point, something broke. When I tried to restart the server, I got the error (in essence) do_admserv_post_config unable to create AdmldapInfo in the admin-serv error log. A bunch of googling resulted in me pulling my hair out because the answer was that your configuration is hosed and you need to start over. Well, I wasn’t about to have any of that.

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