NFC Enabled Business Cards? These are pretty cool

So, a few weeks ago I got an itch to get some business cards (finally). Since I work in technology, I decided I didn’t want a standard business card — I had to have something high tech. I knew phones these days come out with NFC (Near Field Communication) chips built into them, so I thought to myself, “Ok, I wonder if anyone is embedding these puppies into business cards?” Turns out, someone is, but there is a catch.

Two sites I found in a google search turned up with business cards that have NFC chips integrated. I glossed over the first site I found because they were either more expensive or had a longer shipping time than I was willing to wait on, or both. I took a serious look into the second one, (@tapmybiz), however. After a cursory Google search to find out if they were legitimate (they are), I went onto their site and created a custom business card based on a template they had. The card editor was a bit difficult and wasn’t without its glitches (which I reported). But after a bit of fiddling, I got the hang of it and was able to get it setup the way I wanted.

So I placed my order, and received a confirmation email. Then I waited… and waited… and waited. A couple of weeks later, I got a tracking number in my email, and about a week and a half after that, I had the cards on my front doorstep. See, what I didn’t find anywhere online was that the cards were coming from Austria (in Europe, not Australia the continent), nor did I think about how long it would take to make one order based on the NFC chip being essentially sandwiched between the two or more layers of the business card.

Getting back to the point, as soon as I got home after they were delivered, I opened the box and inspected it. I could tell where the chip was (very tiny protrusion on the card), and could tell that a lot of care went into making the card look how I wanted it to. It even had the QR code on the back and the note I included that told people about both QR and NFC technology.

Now, I don’t have one scanned in yet, but I will shortly, and will add it to the top of this post when I do. In summary though, I highly recommend for business cards, if you can stand the wait, and can afford the price premium for having technology built into your business card.