May 2013

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I powered on my fileserver tonight because I needed to archive some things from a dieing drive on my main machine. Since I had unmapped my network drive before, I had to re-map it. Should have been a simple process. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Turns out, the share had previously been mounted with CIFS (samba), because I had configured that on the server in addition to NFS, and Windows was defaulting to the former. On top of that, I was getting an error from the mount command after fixing the first problem! Good ol’ Windows…

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So, for a while now, I’ve been struggling with a problem on my Windows 7 PC where, after I would login, the Welcome screen would go away like it was supposed to, but the desktop wouldn’t load up for several minutes. The mouse would work fine as far as moving it between screens, but since the explorer process wasn’t running, there was nothing to click, and the right click wouldn’t do anything. In addition, Ctrl+Esc, and Ctrl+Alt+Del appeared to do nothing; at least not until the desktop loaded, at which point the menu to launch Task Manager would appear. So what’s the cause and fix?

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So, a few weeks ago I got an itch to get some business cards (finally). Since I work in technology, I decided I didn’t want a standard business card — I had to have something high tech. I knew phones these days come out with NFC (Near Field Communication) chips built into them, so I thought to myself, “Ok, I wonder if anyone is embedding these puppies into business cards?” Turns out, someone is, but there is a catch.

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