Just getting started with blogging, excuse the newness

I’ve been in the hosting industry for a while now and I always see people with blogs with hundreds of thousands of hits. Most of them have ads on their blogs, so I figure that is how they are making money. Since I have no traffic as of right now, this blog isn’t really costing me anything. Facebook got their start with Zuckerberg borrowing money from his rich friend, and making the site ad-free. In the long run, I think that paid off, however he did eventually start putting ads on the site. They aren’t what I would define as intrusive, however they are still there. Heck, a friend of mine even bought one to try to get a date. See here.┬áThe point of this post is below.

What I’m getting at is that while I do have a desire to make money outside of being a Linux Admin at some big company; for the foreseeable future, I have no plans to monetize this blog. This came as a recommendation from Traffic Generation Cafe, which I found on Google after trying to figure out what a trackback and pingback were. You can find that post: here. (Thanks for the great explanation, Ana!)

The plan for this site is to use it as a place to scrawl notes to myself. Some of my posts at first may be just a pasted one-liner which I’ll go back later on and edit for clarity. If and when I get some traffic, well, then perhaps at that time, I’ll consider other things.