In this article, we are going to upgrade CentOS 6 to PHP 5.4 without using any third party repositories.

You might want to do this if you, like me, are using WordPress, and want to test your install before upgrading to CentOS 7, or if you have a plugin which requires PHP 5.4.

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Well, if you’ve managed to find this page, you’re in luck. After searching for and finding a fix to this problem once before, I had it occur again on a different machine. Unfortunately, I hadn’t documented the fix in my own notes, only in an email to my boss which was almost deleted. Figure I should put it up here for myself in the future, as well as for anyone that is not having luck with Google.

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At work today, I was working on a project to enable SSL encryption for our Netapp filer heads. That project is still ongoing as of this writing, but I made some changes to the admin-server portion of RedHat Directory Server over the last couple of days, and at some point, something broke. When I tried to restart the server, I got the error (in essence) do_admserv_post_config unable to create AdmldapInfo in the admin-serv error log. A bunch of googling resulted in me pulling my hair out because the answer was that your configuration is hosed and you need to start over. Well, I wasn’t about to have any of that.

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I recently looked into learning Apache Hadoop. Big data and cloud services are where the internet is headed and having not had experience with big data yet, I thought it’d be a good idea to at least get my feet wet. I found a great article on CTO Vision that walks you through getting hadoop installed and started. Addendum: If you’re having problems with their instructions, like I was, there’s a complete breakdown at pyfunc’s page.

Fortunately, the config is XML-based, so its easy enough to understand once you get the basic syntax down. Unfortunately, the config CTO Vision linked to for Pseudo Distributed mode turned out to be a dead link (404) because Apache removed the Hadoop r0.20.2 documentation from their site sometime in the first half of 2013.

Luckily, I’m resourceful and know of a site other than google that caches web sites, and they just so happened to have a copy of the document I needed.

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I powered on my fileserver tonight because I needed to archive some things from a dieing drive on my main machine. Since I had unmapped my network drive before, I had to re-map it. Should have been a simple process. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Turns out, the share had previously been mounted with CIFS (samba), because I had configured that on the server in addition to NFS, and Windows was defaulting to the former. On top of that, I was getting an error from the mount command after fixing the first problem! Good ol’ Windows…

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So, for a while now, I’ve been struggling with a problem on my Windows 7 PC where, after I would login, the Welcome screen would go away like it was supposed to, but the desktop wouldn’t load up for several minutes. The mouse would work fine as far as moving it between screens, but since the explorer process wasn’t running, there was nothing to click, and the right click wouldn’t do anything. In addition, Ctrl+Esc, and Ctrl+Alt+Del appeared to do nothing; at least not until the desktop loaded, at which point the menu to launch Task Manager would appear. So what’s the cause and fix?

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So, a few weeks ago I got an itch to get some business cards (finally). Since I work in technology, I decided I didn’t want a standard business card — I had to have something high tech. I knew phones these days come out with NFC (Near Field Communication) chips built into them, so I thought to myself, “Ok, I wonder if anyone is embedding these puppies into business cards?” Turns out, someone is, but there is a catch.

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e85I recently bought a 2010 Nissan Titan. Needless to say my gas cost (not including the recent price hike) went up due to the larger gas tank and worse fuel economy compared to the Toyota Tacoma that I was driving.

I discovered a couple of days after the purchase that it is actually a FlexFuel vehicle, meaning it can run straight E85 Ethanol or straight Unleaded Gasoline, or any amount of the two mixed together. So I checked in the owners manual and found that Nissan clearly states that when running E85, you will see a 30% increase in gas consumption because E85 has less “energy per gallon” than regular gasoline.

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I found an interesting plugin called CommentLuv tonight. It was linked by Ana over at Traffic Generation Cafe, although I don’t think she was making a recommendation for running it on your own blog now that I’ve looked further into it.

What I found from my reading (googling) was 3 Reasons Why I Stopped Using CommentLuv. Basically, the gist of that article is that it will mostly encourage people to post a comment just so that they have a link from your site to their most recent post (at the time they write that comment), and that it won’t do anything to increase traffic for your blog.

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When I started this site, I absolutely, hands down, knew I wanted Disqus to handle comments. Unfortunately, that prevents pingbacks (and trackbacks) from appearing. I set out to find a solution, and had the answer. Thanks guys!

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